FILA Senators Club has presented the honorable awards to sports functionaries, businessmen and sports veterans for significant contribution and promotion of Wrestling

The World Championship of Associated Wrestling Styles, which was held from the 12th till the 18th of September, has finished in Istanbul. It was the focus of much attention as the main qualifying event before the Olympic Games in London, 2012. According to existing tradition in a frame of each Championship of the Planet and Olympic Games FILA Senators Club and its President Gocha Dzasokhov awarded with honorable awards to all, who made a special contribution to wrestling development and popularization such as sports functionaries, referees, known businessmen and veterans of wrestling.

Welcome speech of Gocha Dzasokhov, FILA Senators Club President, on Wrestling World Championship, 2011 in Istanbul

Today on the 12th of September the World Championship on Associated wrestling styles has launched in Istanbul. The Russian national team claims to be a leader of this Tournament. This World Championship is a key step to the Olympic Games in London, 2012.

Gocha Dzasokhov: “Nothing can promote sport as a victory on international competitions!”

Gocha Dzasokhov: “31 years ago on the 19th of July the flame of 22nd Summer Olympic Games in Moscow was lighted. Few people remember this now, but then, this day for our people was a day of triumph, the day of beginning the great sports festival. Victory on that home Olympic Games has become the national idea. Crowded stands, people, watching TV and catching every single word of the radio commentators, rooted for our athletes. Two weeks the country has enjoyed the Olympics. Today, when we have won the right to host Olympics again, but in winter sports, the country begins to revive, going to the next triumph by victories on the international scenes. Most recently, our young athletes have become the European Champions in Athletics, our Volleyball team has become the winner of the World League, our athletes have won the European Championship and the World Cup in free-style wrestling. Our both basketball teams won the European Championship. On winter sports we can boast of Gold of our Hockey youth team on the World Championship and the first Gold medal on the World Championship in the history of Russia in bobsleigh. In fact, the list is much longer and it is gratifying to know that we are coming in such form to upcoming Olympics.”


24 July, 2011


Gocha Dzasokhov has expressed his condolences to Norwegian people upon the terrorist attack caused a death toll of 90 on the 22nd of July

The member of Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation Gocha Dzasokhov has expressed his condolences to Norwegian people upon the terrorist attack caused a death toll of 90 on the 22nd of July. He said : “Monstrous crimes of 22nd of July in Norway have shocked the whole world by their cruelty. It is difficult to realize that more than 90 innocent people have become the victims of the crime and most of them are young. Explosion in Oslo and carnage at a youth camp on the island Uteyya have shocked everyone and showed once again that no one is impervious to terrorism, even such a prosperous and peaceful country like Norway. It is vile, senseless and cowardly crime. And it doesn’t matter which purposes the terrorists have pursued. This kind of crime can’t be justified. Russian citizens know the pain of losing in terrorist attack loved people and we have an oppressive sorrow of this. Flowers at Norwegian Embassy in Moscow are plain evidence of this.”

18 July, 2011

Urgent comments

Gocha Dzasokhov: “Before Olympic Games in Sochi every triumph of our athletes on the international tournament is special for us!”

Gocha Dzasokhov: “On European Athletics Championship in Ostrava, Czech Republic, youth team of Russia won the Competition in team classification with 10 Gold Medals. Also they added 6 Silver and 4 Bronze to a country’s collection. Such high and well-deserved result is a result of proper work of our coaches as well as the persistence of our young athletes. I am sincerely glad to see that Russian sport has a great future with our young athletes, not older than 23. They will represent our country on the next world championships and Olympics. It shows that we have a huge potential and we need to be attentive and support our talented athletes. Every single win is really important for us, as our home Olympics is ahead and every triumph, regardless of the sport, is a special.”

12 July, 2011


Condolences on the death of passengers of drowned ship “Bulgaria”

Gocha Dzasokhov, the member of Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, President of the Assembly of Georgian Peoples expressed condolences to the relatives of victims of crushed ship “Bulgaria”. He said: “The accident claimed the lives of harmless people. On this sorrowful day for Russia please accept my sincere condolences from the Assembly of Georgian Peoples and from myself to the relatives of the victims. My thoughts and wishes are with you during this difficult period. We are so saddened by the news that a lot of children were on board. Losing a child is one of the saddest life challenges and words that can give you true comfort are difficult to find.”

12 July, 2011


Gocha Dzasokhov has congratulated all the Orthodox on the Day of St. Peter and St. Paul

Gocha Dzasokhov, the member of Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation, President of the Assembly of Georgian Peoples, has congratulated all the Orthodox on the Day of glorious Apostles Peter and Paul.

10 July, 2011


Gocha Dzasokhov has congratulated Ossetians on the Day of Hetag’s Saint Grove!

Gocha Dzasokhov: Dear Compatriots! My cordial congratulations on our favorite national holiday – the Day of Hetag’s Saint Grove! Let Saint George always protects our road and business.

04 July, 2011


Gocha Dzasokhov, FILA Senator’s Club President has congratulated the winners of Free-Style Wrestling Russian Championship, which has been taking place in Yakutsk from the 1st till the 3rd of July

Gocha Dzasokhov: “The Free-Style Wrestling Russian Championship has concluded in Yakutsk this weekend. Memorable and high level wrestling, excellent organization of tournament – all these facts left a lasting impression for wrestling enthusiasts. Let me congratulate all who got on the podium, became the winner and proved his high level of wrestling. I would like to express my special congratulations to ossetian wrestling school and their supporters. Totally Ossetians have won 3 Gold, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze medals. I want to call our winners by name: Besik Kudukhov, Irbek Farniev, Hadjimurat Gatsalov, Soslan Ktsoev, Barsag Kesaev, Georgy Rubaev and Edouard Bazrov. Ossetia is still one of the main places in our country for education the future Olympic Champions in keeping with the best traditions of national wrestling.”

27 June, 2011


FILA Senator’s Club President, Gocha Dzasokhov: “Russian Wrestling Championship – 2011 will be the rehearsal before the September World Championship in Stambul”

FILA Senator’s Club President, Gocha Dzasokhov: “Today the Russian Wrestling Championship on Greek-Roman style has started in Krasnoyarsk. The Championship on Freestyle Wrestling will take place in Yakutsk. There is a good reason for choosing these two cities for Championship as they are our best wrestler’s foundry. I am sure that it will be the high-class wrestling. The competition on Russian Championship is much higher than the other even international tournaments. This Champiopnship will be the rehearsal for our athletes before the September World Championship in Stambul. We will figure on our win in Turkey. It is really important as the best athletes of the world tournament will get a license to participate at the Olympic Games 2012 in London.”

15 June, 2011


How to recover elder’s wisdom to young people?

On Wednesday a Round table discussion: “Legal system and struggle with extremism: problems and progress” held in Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation. According to the participants, success of the struggle depends on the position of young generation. Speaking about the reaction of the authorities, Gocha Dzasokhov, the member of the Civic Chamber, expressed an opinion, that our country needs the Ministry of Inter-ethnic and international relations and communication. All the participating members of Chamber, experts, representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and law enforcements have agreed that simple domestic conflict should not be a reason of national and religious scandal.

15 June, 2011


Problems of people with disabilities were discussed in Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation

In a shortest time Russia must ratify United Nation Convention on Rights of people with disabilities. By this we can bring our Social Support for people with disabilities toward international standard. It was the opinion of participants of the Round Table in the Civic Chamber. On the 15th of June public figures, government representatives and Heads of specialized companies have discussed the issue how to make rehabilitation equipment for people with disabilities better, more available and timely.

10 June, 2011


Environment Day in State Duma

On the 5th of June in State Duma was held the Environment Day arranged to coincide with the World Environment Day. In a frameworks of this event there was the award ceremony “National Environment Award” with the following categories: • Innovative eco-efficient technologies in industry • Education for Sustainable Development; • Children’s environmental projects and programs; • Environmental initiatives.

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10 March, 2011

Chief of Russia’s sanitation control service Genadi Onishenko gives consent to returning Georgian wine in Russian market, though he mentions Georgia as national-territorial formation , informs.

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